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Lapacon Evangelical Free Church is a church that full of products and stuff. You can reach them in this state of mind. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Even more the products is 100% generic. Finally in 2011 they capture the best mushroom ever in town. Because of that they name the store of the year.
So Lapacon is the highest top rate store in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. One of the biggest store in the world and keeps the greatest history in mankind and in the world. Because they are the great of the universe.


Feature Products


The one of a kind health food and medicine. A rich source of nutrition and form a major chunk of health foods.

The Word

God's love letter for you. The Word is the cover book of the Bible that record the amazing stories of Jesus that brings hope to the world.

Pocket Book

Read changing stories from the amazing and talented people how their live's transform into something else.

Because we love to do it so finally we made it to the top.

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Lapacon, Brgy. Pagatban, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines