Youth Cdap unique of all we love to tell you that we like you so much and also love one another to reach our global purpose is to love you and me. Furthermore, we taught to practice human being behavior for the reason that maybe almost half an hour while we are in progress because as a result it will bounce into any dimension of the world. Similarly due to weather problem likewise from other part rather than running away from the path. In contrast to that we love to be part of this little agenda. Consequently the organization loves to be part of it also. Therefore think about it right now if you are able for this agenda.

youth camp one

Are you A Youth?

Youth Camp happen yearly in Lapacon Evangelical Free Church. It is for the Youth Generation Group of our church. Every year youth camp is held in different places across Negros Oriental. Youth Camp gather the youths from other local churches across Negros Oriental. This program invites also youth from other churches.This program brings the youth to the leadership of knowing deeply Jesus Christ in their lives. Teaching them to be a leaders, musician, pastors in church. 

Do you want to join?

You are welcome and invited! Where ever you came from, what’s your story in life, we would like you to be part of this Youth Generation. 

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